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Kelly began writing songs at the age of five. Performing in coffee houses in Rhode Island, she decided to stretch her musical wings and move to NYC. Once she arrived, Kelly got into the independent music scene and began playing local clubs, while collaborating with various musicians in NY and Los Angeles. Her music is often cited as haunting and ethereal.

Kelly has released 7 full length CDs, "Haze", "Carmine Street", "Hello My Love", "Soulmate", "Dear Love", "It's Only Me" and her latest "On the Line". She has also released 3 EPs, "The Brooklyn Hours", "The Kind of Girl", and "Radiance".

"Pizza and Fairytales", a haunting love song, was featured in the Fox Searchlight movie "Trust the Man" and can be heard on the movie’s soundtrack. "Ties That Bind" and "The Brooklyn Hours" were both used prominently in ABC's "Desperate Housewives" promos during the 2010 season. In 2013, MTV used “Girl On” from "Carmine Street” for their new show “Big Tips Texas”.

Kelly has 9 videos under her belt. All directed by award-winning director Patricia Chica, their most recent video "Consciousness" was filmed in Old Montreal, Canada.

Kelly’s music can be found on iTunes, Amazon, iHeartRadio , Spotify and Pandora.

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kelly padrick radiance

It's Only Me

Released 2/14/2016
kelly padrick radiance


Released 8/25/14 Click here for more